OpenVMS in the Cloud: Is It Possible?

Hardware maintenance costs are high. Moving applications off OpenVMS is complex and risky. Hosting these applications in the cloud makes financial sense. Today, the cloud is an established option, yet there aren’t OpenVMS cloud solutions readily available. That is bound to change. So we’re wondering, what do you think? Are the traditional benefits of lower operational and capital costs applicable to OpenVMS users? What benefits and risks do you see? What would keep you from moving to the cloud? What would it take to make the cloud a viable option for OpenVMS? We look forward to hearing you... read more

Notes from DCL Birds of a Feather OpenVMS Boot Camp 2014

Overview; Approximately 16 people meet in a conference room during the OpenVMS Boot Camp to discuss the state of DCL and its use and perception in the OpenVMS community. We began the discussion reviewing scripting languages (compiler-less languages) in general. We outlined the types of Scripting languages: Programing System logic Application logic Business logic Job/Data Process Data We then identified several popular scripting languages and how they are currently being used. JavaScript Python Ruby Groovy Perl Then we discussed DCL (Digital Command Language) specifically and what people were doing with it. No Compiler – RAD Tool Very flexible tool Can be simple Can easily become complex Command language Manipulates System Objects Batch Disk Files Programming language System logic Business logic There was a heathy discussion about methods and how to use DCL Consensus: There are many ways to do things Statement: There are many complex ways to do things. Statement: There is usually a “Best Way” This brought up the need for DCL shared experience Best practices Tips and tricks Repository The need for a means for shared experience segued into a listing of some dislikes Unknown outside the OpenVMS community Try Googling DCL solutions… Disconnected from the broader industry Lack of a code snippet library/archive Dangerous in the wrong hands Slow performance – the speed of execution is a limitation No question and answer forum — Stack Overflow too general We then outlined a list of possible tools to enhance DCL development existing and wish-listed DCL Editor Available in NXTware Remote DCL Debugger for large projects Available from Brian Schenkenberger Updated Documentation Aid standardization Style Check Enforce standardization... read more


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