OpenVMS in the Cloud: Is It Possible?

Hardware maintenance costs are high. Moving applications off OpenVMS is complex and risky. Hosting these applications in the cloud makes financial sense.

Today, the cloud is an established option, yet there aren’t OpenVMS cloud solutions readily available. That is bound to change.

So we’re wondering, what do you think? Are the traditional benefits of lower operational and capital costs applicable to OpenVMS users? What benefits and risks do you see? What would keep you from moving to the cloud? What would it take to make the cloud a viable option for OpenVMS?

We look forward to hearing you answers.


  1. It largely depends on the definition of ” Cloud”, there are many out there.
    Though it offers advantages, there are a few disadvantages that need to be addressed. Apart from dependency in network reliability (network down = no connection = no access to your data of functionality), and obvious security issues (Who has access, and what type and by what way of programs), one issue I think is often forgotten is service persistence. What if your service provider runs into bankruptcy, is acquired by another company? What if the servers that you are using are closed down by governmental order; or investigated by law enforcement or other security agencies?

  2. Re: service provider bankruptcy…I would think that a company running OpenVMS would look very hard at the Cloud provider and choose someone like Amazon, IBM or Microsoft to mitigate the risk factor. One of the advantages of the Cloud is scalability on demand and the OpenVMS licensing would be the only issue for scaling up to meet demand. When the OS runs so solidly, outsourcing the operations part isn’t such a big advantage I would think.

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